Child molester and sex offender warning

loserHis YouTube name is Deep Thinkin’ Reality Archives. He is known to stalk and prey on young children, normally boys.

Eric Dubay, a real flat earther told us, “Do not follow him. He tries to lure in teenagers 14 and younger. He seems to be most focus on boys around the age of 8-10.” We are posting this to warn you all about this pervert. Dubay also mentions the fact he is a known sex offender.

Russianvids added, “I had to block the guy from my page because he was sending me pictures of young boys without shirts. I believe he works for the Free Masons.”




2 thoughts on “Child molester and sex offender warning

  1. I am probably going to make a video about this guy and Free Masons like him pretending to promote the flat earth. They are plants and sexual deviants.


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