Who We Are

Right Wing USA is the fastest growing right-wing organization in the United States. Our HQ is in the heartland of America, in the great city of Corydon, Indiana. We have chapters in all 50 states, growing more and more with each passing month. Our views are based on Christian values, the Constitution and the ideas set forth by our Founding Fathers. We apologize to nobody.


We do not care if our views offend you or not. Our group is not open to homos, transgender freaks, people who need safe places, atheists, baby killers or feminists. America and America only is in our best interest. We are not here to cuddle with third-world nations, radical Islam or those who hate America. If you fit into the groups named above, it’s probably best you leave now.


Our enemy is those on the left. The left is mentally ill. These people hate God, freedom and everything good. Liberals and Democrats are led by gay child molesters, rapists like Bill Clinton and ugly women with underarm hair. These are the same radical tyrants who supported Hitler, Stalin and the mass murder of children in American known as abortion.


If you are like-minded, welcome to Right Wing USA. We welcome you, our brothers and sisters in the name of God. Help us defeat the left. Let’s work together for a better America. God bless you all, and the good fight ahead of us.