Transsexuals ruining American sports

While the world became obsessed with Bruce Jenner becoming a freak and the ugliest “woman” since Michael Obama became “First Lady Michelle Obama,” most did nothing while these tranny homosexuals took over sports.

Serena Williams – This is a woman? “Her” Adam’s Apple is bigger than my balls. This looks more like Kobe Bryant in drag than an actual woman.

Brittney Griner – No woman here. This looks like Tyree who does my oil changes at the local Jiffy Lube.

Germaine de Randamie – Seriously. They didn’t even try here. This is clearly a male singer of a Dio cover band.




The faces of the left (liberals)

Gays –¬†aka STD spreaders. These guys seek to overthrow Trump? I’m guessing he’s not too worried. They will be dead from AIDS within a month.

Feminists –¬†throw a bunch of dildos on the ground and they will quickly forget what they were protesting. Now go make me a sandwich.

Atheists – these God haters believe we came from monkeys and love the idea of aliens being out there who shove space probes up their anal openings (nut-cases).

Muslims – will pretend to be liberal to shove their fake religion down the throats of Americans. They are so dumb, they forgot to change the moon crest of the ancient Arabs which was a sign of pagan worship and kept it as their own.

Retards – people faking disabilities to gain welfare and live off of hardworking taxpayers.